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Jacki Bils

Hello Margo. You need to contact the shows or galleries that you would like to sell your work at. You must contact them individually. Each gallery or art show makes their own selections as to who they want to allow into the gallery or show. Good luck.



Is any one know how can I find call for artists for a juried show in galeries and museums? Thanks.

Jacki Bils

Broy, thanks for your vote of confidence for the Art Basal Miami Art Show. I am sure it is a great show.

I would like to tell you how the shows made it on our Best American Art Shows list. Late this past summer there was a call out to artists, art patrons, and anyone interested in Art shows to vote for their favorite art shows. Lots and lots of shows were nominated to be on our list. Once all the nominations came in a list was compiled and people voted for the shows. Those votes helped us put together the list of shows that made up America's Best Juried Art Shows. We had a tremendous response. Many people participated in this. The votes were completely used in making up this list of America's Best Art Shows.

I hope this helps to explain how the shows made it to this list and why these shows were chosen. I can assure you, Broy, there was nothing political about putting this list together.

Broy Kenneth

Why isn't Art Basel Miami Listed? If this list went by actual attendance, number of artists, number of Galleries, number of pop up galleries (warehouse space, tents, retail locations), number of international artists & international gallery exhibits, and amount of paintings, sculptures, pieces, etc, (number and dollar value$$), Art Basel Miami would easily be at the top of the list. And that's just factual statistics. Winterpark Fl, Coconut Grove, Fl, Etc, etc, Really? Seriously? Have the voters ever been to any REAL Art fairs? I'm not dogging your complete list. I've been to Ann Harbor, & San Fran, and they are nice. But to not mention Art Basel Miami seems...for lack of better words, purposely political...

Jacki Bils

Hello Marilyn. We do have lots of wonderful shows in Chicago every year. Maybe it is time for a planned vacation so that you can visit your old stomping grounds and take in an art show. You can't beat Chicago for a great vacation.

Marilyn Ruben

Would love to forward this page to my husband, as he was raised in Chicago and I miss it! Would love to go for a visit! - It's been 25 years since we lived there! So many creative people, and so many opportunities! Much better than Southwestern Arizona!! We are only here for the kids and the weather! Old Town Center is my "old stomping ground!" I graduated from DePaul University and loved every moment there!

Jacki Bils

Thank you Gayle for letting us know about that show. I am in Rogers Park often. When is that show?
You might also like to write a review up for the Glenwood Arts Fest at www.Artshowreviews.com.

Gayle Weiss

As a Chicagoland artist, I am so happy that Chicago has been awarded the #1 spot for best cities! The most wonderful thing about it for me, is that I don't have to travel much to show my work. Year after year, I'm more selective about which venues I work and I have been lucky enough to grow my client base with a lot of repeat customers. One of the shows that I attend didn't get into the top spots however, keep your eye out for the Glenwood Arts Fest in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago on the north side. It's a smaller show than the 57th Street Art Fair on the south side of the city, but the diversity of art and the fun, funky and most excellent attendance rivals other city fairs.

Connie Mettler

57th Street is awarded twice -- as one of the great Chicago area shows and #16 in the overall list of the best in the country. That is what the voters told us. Congrats to 57th! We know it is one of the best.


In Chicago----The 57th St Hyde Park Art Fair should be up there! Oldest juried art fair in the midwest and more than equal to Old Town's

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