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Jacki Bils

Hello DKW Gallery, you are welcomed to post about your gallery on our Facebook page. We don't usually post about shows or events on these comments. I will leave this here for you.

DKW Gallery

Good morning,
My name is Deb Weiser and I am writing to ask for a small favor. I own DKW Gallery in Marion Iowa. As you know with covid the galleries have been hit pretty hard. I am trying different ways of marketing and promotions to no avail. But I am hoping that maybe with a little help I can change that. For you see I have 22 artists in our gallery, all from the area as well as all walks of life. I am putting together a little show this Saturday the 11th. We are taking the precautions for the virus small groups are only allowed at one time. An artist will give a personal tour through each room. Then out the back to the refreshments and more art that will be under tents. My favor? I am asking is to please put a post on Facebook or send an email about our little show. It would mean the world to them as it would to me. The event is posted to our Face book page DKW Gallery & Studios. Thank you for your consideration.

Jacki Bils

Hello Elizabeth, Thanks for sending us the show up date for the Mount Mary's Starving Artists Show. I just had not gotten my updates that far into the year yet. I have updated the show.
Thank you, Jacki


I beleive the date is not correct for for Mount Mary's Starving Artist Show in 2019. It is usually on a Sunday.

I think this list and site is very helpful. Hoping to get to a number of new to us shows this year!!

Thank you!!!

Jacki Bils

Hello Mike, and thanks for alerting me to that. I thought I had taken it down. It has been removed.


This show is actually linked to a porno site June 2
Sedalia, Missouri
Queen of the Prairies Festival of the Arts
Historic Downtown Sedalia, 415 South Ohio
10am - 7pm
60 Artists

For more info: www.qpfa.org

Jacki Bils

Hello Larry, To list your show it must be a juried art show. We only list juried art shows. If your show is a juried art show copy and paste this link into your browser. Scroll a little way down and you will see how to get a juried show listed on our calendar.


Larry Roberts

I need to know how to get our “Thornville Lions Country Fair” craft show listed on your calendar. How much do you charge? You can reach me at 740-504-8639 or sideburnslarry@mail.com.

Jacki Bils

Hello Jean, Thank you so much for sending us your 2018 show dates. I had not gotten as far as September yet in making all of my updates. Please feel free to send them in to me as soon as you know your 2019 show dates. I can then update your show right away.

Thanks again

Jean Kautt

Please correct our listing.
Our show is Sat/Sun Sept 1 & 2, NOT 2 & 3.

September 2 & 3
Bloomington, Indiana
Fourth Street Festival of Arts & Crafts
downtown streets
Saturday, 10 am-6 pm, and Sunday, 10 am-5 pm
120 Exhibitors


Hugely fab!!

Jacki Bils

Hello Julie, Thank you for looking over our website. While your event is probably a great event I am not able to list your event for you. We only list juried art shows. Thanks for your interest.

Julie Dunn-Morton

Please post the Fine Print, Rare Book & Paper Arts Fair

Connie Mettler

Never fear, Meg. We have so many Chicago and Chicago area art fairs listed that they are on their very own page, "Chicago Art Fairs." We know Chicago is the best city in the country for art fairs. Please take a look.

Jacki Bils

Hello Meg, We do list lots of Chicago area shows. In fact, there are so many Chicago area shows that Chicago has it's own page. Have you seen it? We know that Chicago is part of the Midwest, but there are so many shows there we thought they should have their own page.

Meg Donovan

Just wondering why you don't you list any art shows in Chicago and the Chicago area. There are juried shows too. Chicago is also a part of the Midwest.

Jacki Bils

Hello Katie, Thanks for your comment. I know not every show has been updated. On the Midwest page I have updated the shows down to the middle of June. There are many beyond that point that have been updated. As you scroll through the page when you come to the very first show that hasn't been updated you get this large red sign: This page is not complete for 2016 beyond this point. Please check back again for the correct dates! All updated shows on the calendar will have an asterisk* after the date This won't print red here but it is red on the page. You probably aren't aware that I personally have to find the bulk of the new show dates. Very few shows ever send them to us without us asking for them. To do that I personally have to send them an email asking them for their new dates. From those emails requesting the show dates maybe a quarter of the shows respond. I try to keep the calendar updated 6 months out. Many shows may not have even decided on their show dates beyond 6 months out. If they don't know their show dates and they don't post their new show dates then I can't update their show. I hold on to shows, like the Historic Shaw Art Fair, because it is a great show and I know they will choose their new show dates sometime soon. At this point that show is 7 months out. I will place an asterisk and update it just as soon as I get those dates. You can always contact the show and ask them for their dates, too, if you need the dates this far in advance. Thank you.


Many of your dates are incorrect. They say that they are on Saturday - Sunday, but the dates are actually during the week. Example - Shaw Art Fair in St. Louis is listed as being on October 4-5, which is a Tuesday-Wednesday.

Jacki Bils

Hello Beth, to get your juried art show listed on our calendar copy and past this link: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html There is information on this page telling you how to get your show listed with us.

beth zollars

we would also like our Arts Festival listed. It is juried and we would be glad to link your website from our webpage. Thank you, Beth Zollars

Jacki Bils

Hello Gaynelle, Thanks for letting us know about show. We don't posts shows here in the comments. However, someone from the show can request us to list the show on our Art Fair Calendar. They can go to this link and follow the directions: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html.
All shows need to be juried, and need to link back to us. Good luck with your show.

Gaynelle Lentz

Wichita Kansas has a beautiful art fair each year.

Jacki Bils

Hello Rita. We only list juried art and craft shows here on the Art Fair Calendar. If your show is juried then copy and paste the link below into your browser and follow the directions.


We look forward to working with you.


I would like to post our craft show is that possible?

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