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Jacki Bils

Hello Georgina, If you are interested in doing art shows you have to contact the shows you are interested in doing. Just look up their website and send them an email. Good Luck



I am interested in exhibiting in August and September 2019 shows, Who can I contact about that? Mi email is georginadoumat@gmail.com. I’m a fashion designer.

Jacki Bils

Hello Nancy. To get your show listed with us it needs to be a juried art show. If it is, copy and paste this link into your browser:


Scroll a little ways down and you will find out what to do to get listed with us.

Nancy Stewart-Franczak

I am trying to find out how to have an art show listed. I have posted here in the past but don't know how to now.

Jacki Bils

Hello Henry, As it is only May, I have not concentrated on getting the 2018 show dates up to date. Very few shows send me their new show dates causing me to have to hunt for them. I do try to keep the shows within 6 months current but beyond that I get to them when I can. I hope you saw our disclaimer in red. The disclaimer points out that there may be shows beyond that disclaimer that are not updated yet. Any show that is up to date will have an asterick to let you know that show has current dates.

henry jalsa

Looks like your dates for some of your 2018 shows listed have 2017 dates.

Jacki Bils

Hello Joe, Thank you for your show updates. I will fix those dates right away. Thanks for sending your dates in to us.

Jacki Bils

Hello Sandra, that you for your show updates. It is so helpful when shows send in their updates. If you would like a call for artists with us please check out our website www.Callsforartists.com

Thank you


Inverness Festival of the Arts is 11/4-5/17. The dates above are incorrect.


Thank you for this wonderful calendar.
I would like to correct that the Space Coast Art Festival will be held on Thanksgiving Weekend - Nov. 25th and 26th 2017 at the Manatee Sanctuary Park in the City of Cape Canaveral. www.spacecoastartfestival.com
Thank you

Jacki Bils

Hello Joe and thank you for alerting me to the Cedar Key dates. Shows approach us and ask to have their shows placed on our calendar and then we never hear from 95% of them when it is time to update their shows. So, that means I have to look up all these dates. I am certainly not complaining as I really like what I do, however it is very easy to get an occasional show date wrong. I try to contact shows if I am having trouble finding their show dates and then probably 15% still don't send me their show updates. So, I do appreciate it when someone lets me know about a mistake as we try very hard to have an accurate calendar.


The Cedar Key Seafood fest in Oct is on the 15th and 16th. I just tried to book a room on your incorrect dates listed above (21st and 22nd).

Jacki Bils

Hello Stephanie, Thanks for sending us in your dates for the Boca Raton Museum of Art Show. I try to keep the Art Fair Calendar update 6 months out. So, as of today (middle of July), I usually hope all of our shows are up to date through to the end of December. So, as you can see, February is a bit out of what I am working on. Most people don't realize that probably for 99% of the shows no one from the show sends me their up coming show dates. That means I have to hunt them down. I look at websites and I email shows for those dates. Many shows never even respond to my emails. If I can't find the dates for the show there will not be an asterisk* placed next to the dates for that show. I have a red disclaimer pointing out that the asterisk indicates the show has current show dates and that the calendar has not been completely updated beyond that point. Did you see that notice? However, I do thank you for sending us those show dates. I have updated the show.

Stephanie Lopez

Hello! I am writing on behalf of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. The dates for the Outdoor Juried Festival in Mizner Park, Boca Raton, in February 2017, are incorrect. The fair will be February 4 and 5, 2017. Thank you!

Jacki Bils

Hello Elana, We list fine art shows here on the Art Fair Calendar. We try to limit our listings to shows that sell juried fine art. While your event sounds lovely it would find more interested patrons on a different website. Thank you for your interest in our calendar.

Elena Richter

I am writing to inquire how to get our information listed with you. I am new at this and can use all the help I can get! We are the Lakeland Miniature Guild

Jacki Bils

Hello Hal, the shows that have been updated have the little asterisk right after the dates. Not too many shows send us their show updates. So, that leaves me to hunt the internet to find the up coming show dates! I just have updated all of the pages through to March yet. You would be surprised how many shows don't put their future show dates on their websites until right before their shows are to take place. When I can't find the dates and the show doesn't respond to my emails their shows are removed from our calendar. So, that is what is going on.


When reviewing your Florida shows in March 2016 I noticed that many of the dates do not match the weekends in March. Could those dates be wrong?

Jacki Bils

Hello Judy. You are correct. Not all the shows on our Florida page are up to date yet. If you noticed I have a statement posted that not all the shows after October 25th are up to date. The reason for that is I have to chase all of the shows down if they do not have current show information on their website. You would be surprised how many times I encounter that. Be patient, I am still working on updates. Oh, if you see an asterisk * after a show date, that indicates that show's dates are correct.

Jacki Bils

Hello Jen, Yes, you need to contact the show personally that you want to be a vendor in. That way you can ask questions and see what that show's requirements are.
Good Luck to you.


Days are not accurate in several Florida shows , it seems they are putting a lot of Monday's but they r not , you still can plan the show for that weekend

Jen Kish

Hi, I really appreciate all the work you've done compiling this comprehensive list. I want to find out more about becoming a vendor at these fairs. Do I need to contact each one individually? Thanks.

Jacki Bils

Hello Karin, I found their Facebook page and here is the contact email for the Art Fest Naples at Fleischmann Park - artfestnaples@gmail.com

Good Luck to you.

Karin Sheer


I am interested in exhibiting in the January 24, 25 show in Naples at Fleischmann Park. Who can I contact about that?

Jacki Bils

Hello Jill, You might contact the show and maybe they would share the list of artists with you that were in the show. If you can get a list of artists, look them up and you may be able to figure out which one had the pendulums. Here is the website. Copy and paste it into your browser. Good luck http://asoft10113.accrisoft.com/bocamuseum/index.php?src=gendocs&ref=Outdoor+Juried+Art+Festival

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