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Jacki Bils

Hello Carol, If you woud like to apply to that show, copy and paste the link into your browser - http://artinusa.com/bonita/.

You will find all the information you need to apply to the show. Do it soon because you never know when their application due date is.

Good luck

Carol Armstrong

I am interested in the show on Jan. 10th and 11th in Bonita Springs. Whom do I contact to sign up for that show?

Jacki Bils

Hello Ruben, if you would like vendor information you will need to contact the show. We don't have anything to do with the artists or the food vendors that get into the shows. We only list the shows. Good luck.

Ruben Maldonado

Hi, I would like to receive information about the requirements on how to participate as a vendor (food industry).

Thank you in advance for your attention.
Ruben Maldonado.

Jacki Bils

Hello Steve, you have art work done by those famous people? If you do, you will need to contact an art gallery or something like that to see if you could sell them there. All of the shows listed here on the Art Fair Calendar require all art work to be made by the person that is selling the work. A second party person can not sell the artist's work. Show directors are adamant about that, too. So, you will not be able to sell any of that art work at any of the shows listed here. Sorry about that and good luck to you. You might try Ebay.

Steve Rosenbaum

Hi there.

We have a very unique collection of authenticated artworks done by various global icons, such as Nelson Mandela, Gary Player, Pele' and Jack Nicklaus.
How can we get into contact regarding submissions, or with someone in charge?

Steve R

Jacki Bils

Hello Amy, Thanks for sending us your dates for the Leesburg Art Festival. I have corrected them on the Art Fair Calendar. We work about 6 to 7 months out looking for the upcoming show dates. We try to be as correct as possible when listing shows. Unfortunately, sometimes we find dates for shows that may not be correct. The best way to avoid having incorrect show dates for your show is to send your show dates to jacki@artfaircalendar.com about 6 months before your scheduled show. We would love that and you would be assured that the correct show dates are listed with your show. I look forward to receiving your future dates.

Amy Painter

Leesburg Art Festival is March 8 and 9, 2014.

Jacki Bils

Hello Alex. Good luck to you on getting into some art shows this year. Check out www.callsforartists.com. You will find many shows there that you might like to apply to.

Alex Kay

That's great! Thanks for sharing the art show calendar. I am interesting in coming to Panama City this year and possibly participate with my photography in one of the shows in 2014.

Jacki Bils

Hello Sue, glad you had a great time. It is a little too early for us to have next year's show dates. Check back often. As soon as we know them, the 2014 dates will be added.

sue dolbow

Just came from fair, it was great,
and when is next years event in Oct @ Mac Intosh in Fl.

Craig A. Perrigo

I am on the board for the Nov 1-3, Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, how do I change the listing information to include our website; ggaf.org ?

Jacki Bils

Thank you, Enid. We work hard to bring the best art shows to art patrons all around the country.


ArtFairCalendar.com - Fine Art Fair and Craft Show Listings: Florida Fine Art Fairs and Craft Shows This is awesome!

Jacki Bils

Hello Maria, the little asterisk means that the show information is up to date for the current calendar year. The asterisk is basically there to help me know which shows need to be updated. And now you know.
Jacki Bils

Maria Mils

I know the asterisk (*) beside the dates on the calendar must mean something but I can't find it on the page. Can you please post what it means? Thank You

Renda Writer

I would just like to let everyone know about a series of 3 private art shows

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