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My name is TJ Martin and I'm the Festival Operations Coordinator. We are very particular on the Vendors that we have and for those that we seek. These Events are only as good and successful as the Quality that of our Vendors. Hours of Events:
Thursday: 5pm - 9 pm
Friday: 3pm - 9/10pm
Saturday: 10am - 9/10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6/7pm

Jacki Bils

Hello Debra, We have a website for Calls for Artists. Go to www.CallsforArtists.com. There you can sign up for a call for artists. We have a data base of 15,000 artists and I am sure we can help you out. This website is for our Art Fair Calendar. Check out our Calls for Artists website and see how we can help you. Good luck.

Jacki Bils

Hello Debra. You can submit your show to be listed on the Art Fair Calendar by copying and pasting the link into your browser: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html

We can list your show if it is a juried Art Show. We only list juried Art Shows. Good luck with your show.

Debra Groth


Debra Groth

Lexington Fine Art & Fine Craft Street Fair

Jacki Bils

Hello Jim, The little asterisk is for my benefit. It just lets me know that I have updated that show for the year. Then, when I get in there to do updates, I know that show is already correct.

And now you know.


Jim Moore

What is the significance of the asterick next to some of the art fair dates?

Jacki Bils

Hello Michael, if you would like to add your show to the Art Fair Calendar you need to copy and paste the following link into your browser:


We only list juried art shows on our Art Fair Calendar. If your show is a juried art show, follow the directions at the above link and we will start the process to list your show.



How do we have events listed?

These events began as an opportunity to support people with disabilities, handicapped and veterans.

We contact all disabilities agencies and care service providers in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties to invite clients to attend and sell hand crafted items.

Jacki Bils

Hello Brett, Thanks Brett. If your show is a juried art show you can send us your information and we can add it to the Art Fair Calendar for you. Click on the link below and follow the directions:


Brett Notter

I couldn't figure out who to contact about this so I'll just say it here: The Bay City, MI art festival is June 14 - 15 and it's sponsored by the YWCA.

Jacki Bils

Hello Rick and congrats on getting into the Novi show. You have some very good questions but I can't answer all those questions here. However, we have a great website that does answer those questions. Please go check out www.Artfairinsiders.com. It is a free website for artists. On the site we have discussed many of those questions. www.artfairinsiders.com is a site that has helped many newbies learn what they need to know to be successful in the Art Fair business. I hope to see you there.

Rick Fuschi

I will be a first time exhibitor in Novi MI in April. I hope I can tap this forum for info.
Looking for insurance I find that most policies are slanted toward liability rather than art materials. I can't imagine anything worse than a painting falling on a foot. Am I wrong?
My first show is indoor, so security is not a concern. But, what do most artists do at the end of the day in an outdoor show? Do you take down all your artworks, or leave them on display. Is that safe? Thanks all, for your feedback.

Jacki Bils

Hello Eva, We don't do that kind of work here. We just list good quality art shows on our calendar.

I think you would have better luck taking your piece to the Detroit Art Museum or to an Art Department at a large University and see if anyone there might have a clue. This may be like finding a needle in a haystack. You may have to settle for just enjoying the beauty of the piece of art without knowing all the details. Or, maybe you can take it to the Antique Roadshow that PBS has in TV. That might work.

Good luck.

Eva Santos


My name is Eva and I came by your website while searching for Older company that was in Detroit, Michigan. You see, few years ago I received from a family member a large Acrylic Painting on Canvas that was purchased in maybe 1970's In This shop:
Handcraft Studios
14575 Meyers Road
Detroit, Michigan, 48227

The painting is about 125 cm x 100cm in size and seams Acrylic on Canvas. It has a tag stating Title as "Seville" and is Signed only by the last name Rodriguez. I know Seville is a city in Spain. It is a large mostly red in color with black detail Old Stone Spanish style buildings entrance gate with stairs and there is a couple, man and a woman silhouettes in evening atelier on the stairs.

The Handcraft Studios doesn't seem to exist any longer and there is lot of Artists named Rodriguez which makes it harder to pinpoint without first name.
Would anybody in your business possibly know anything about the Handcraft Studios and how could I find out who the artist was who painted this Spanish art sold in USA.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Connie Mettler

Patti, I understand what you are seeing here. Our apologies but the entire site has not been updated for 2014. You are seeing the 2013 dates, but pretty soon they will be correct for 2014. There are lots of details keeping the site up to date and we want to be accurate. Way before you are in your car headed to St. Joseph the dates will be correct! Did you know that show was just ranked as one of the Top Ten in the Nation?

Patti Long

It appears that someone was looking at a 2013 calendar when posting dates for 2014. Example, St. Joseph Art Fair shows Sat, Sun the 13th and 14th. It is actually the 12th and 13th in 2014. Seems to be a pattern in other listings also. You might want to recheck.

Jacki Bils

Hello Damian and Lisa. We only list juried Art Shows on our calendar. If your show is a juried event just follow the directions at this website:


Just copy and past this link into your browser.
Good luck with your craft show. Jacki Bils

Damian Noorman and Lisa Brouwer

How do we up our craft fair on this site?

It's John Knox Preschool Craft Fair
4150 Kalamazoo Ave
Grand Rapids
616-855-2121 (Some Vendors still needed.)
Nov 16th from 9-3

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