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Jacki Bils

Hello Beth, to get your juried art show listed on our calendar copy and past this link: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html There is information on this page telling you how to get your show listed with us.

beth zollars

we would also like our Arts Festival listed. It is juried and we would be glad to link your website from our webpage. Thank you, Beth Zollars

Jacki Bils

Hello Gaynelle, Thanks for letting us know about show. We don't posts shows here in the comments. However, someone from the show can request us to list the show on our Art Fair Calendar. They can go to this link and follow the directions: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html.
All shows need to be juried, and need to link back to us. Good luck with your show.

Gaynelle Lentz

Wichita Kansas has a beautiful art fair each year.

Jacki Bils

Hello Rita. We only list juried art and craft shows here on the Art Fair Calendar. If your show is juried then copy and paste the link below into your browser and follow the directions.


We look forward to working with you.


I would like to post our craft show is that possible?

Jacki Bils

Thank you David. We appreciate that. Unfortunately, we don't always get notified of changes in a website's links. We want to keep our website as up-to-date as possible so thank you so much for letting us know about the broken link.

David W.

I thought you'd like to know that the link for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival doesn't work. The correct link is http://www.stonearchbridgefestival.com


Jacki Bilsborrow

Thanks Ben for the vote of confidence in the Metro Arts Expo. We are always happy to hear about a great show.
Jacki B

Ben Schuh

Metro Arts Expo in Des Moines, IA (Early November) has amazing potential for success. The Iowa based show is extremely promising as it promotes fine artists just before the holidays.

I participated in the show in November 2011 and met numerous potential clients. The leads I was able to find have made the Metro Arts Expo my most successful show nationwide in the last 7 years. Don't listen to a single negative review, but rather give the Metro Arts Expo a shot and you too can enjoy the support of the established art scene in DSM.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Geri, yes, we unfortunately would have to charge for an email address - anything that would directly bring people to you or your site. But, the cost is only $35 for an entire year. That is less than $3 a month. That is a bargain to make sure patrons and artists can reach you. By the way, feel free to contact me at my email.
Jacki B

Geri-lynn Bialzik

The link is finally clickable and our event is listed. I know you charge for listing a website. Do you also charge for listing an email address?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Geri, that code is an HTML code. If you add it to the page when you are in HTML it should be fine. Can your hubby get into the HTML text of the website. Usually there is a way to do that but the website administrator is usually the only one who can get in there. I see the Art Fair Calendar icon is on the page but it isn't clickable. I will ask someone and try to get back to you.
Jacki B

Geri-lynn Bialzik

Help please. My husband posted your link at website kradwell.org. Received message "website not available" first time. Tried again and we only have your blue text code; it didn't convert to your message. Can you find the problem?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Geri-Lynn. To list a show on our website just follow the directions at the link below:
Once you follow those directions, we will get your show listed for you.
Jacki B

Geri-lynn Bialzik

I'd also like to have our juried art fair listed on your calendar. Our show is part of the website of the sponsoring organization. Is that OK?
I can be contacted at kradwell.artfair@gmail.com

The show is called Fox Tail Art Fair, held in Wauwatosa WI on May 19. Thanks for your help.
Geri B

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Pat. Have you looked in the Midwest section of our calendar lately? We already have your show listed there. Thanks for the updates. I will add the 2012 dates to our calendar for you.
Jacki B

Pat Parnow

Can Loring Park Art Festival be added to the 2012 calendar. The dates are August 4 and 5, 2012. I already have the link up for your calendar on our website - www.loringparkartfestival.com on the Press Area page.
Thanks, Pat

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello S Jones. Not all of the shows on our calendar have been updated yet. If you would take another look at the shows in the Midwest section, you will see that fight before the 2012 shows there is a red note that says that not all of the shows beyond that spot have been updated yet. The shows that are correct have an asterisk after their date*. The shows all all updated right through the end of the year for 2011. There are a few that have been updated beyond the end of the year. Some shows don't set their dates a year or even a half a year in advance. Please check back and look for the asterisk.
Jacki B

S Jones

It looks like a lot of the June shows in 2012 are on Mondays and Tuesdays, or were they looking at the 2011 calendar by mistake?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Julia. If your show is a juried art show, we can list it for you. We also ask that you link back to us somewhere on your show's website in return. You can find the directions to link to us in the following link, just copy and paste it into your browser: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/link-to-us.html I will contact you soon.

Jacki B

Julia Raven

Art Westport in Kansas City, MO is scheduled for Sept 2011. How do I get it listed here?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Barb, I tried to send you some information on how to get your show listed here at the Art Fair Calendar. Your email address didn't work. You will have to click on the list/advertise with us link here at Art Fair Calendar.
Jacki B

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Joyce. I don't know the dates for the Westport Art Show in Kansas City. They have not published the 2011 dates yet. I guess you will have to keep checking their website for the show dates.
Jacki B

Joyce Veazey

When is the Westport Art Show in Kansas City, Mo.? I did not see it listed.

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