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I just found out about the Blue Water Fest, Port Huron, MI. The posting said contact Connie at Art Fair Calendar for info. Sooo, Connie, please send me application info to the address below. My husband is a Michigan artist and we would be interested in this show.

Thank you, diana Meyer

Jacki Bilsborrow

Diana, we don't have the applications for any of the shows. You must contact the shows for an application or in some cases fill an application out at www.zapplication.com. We post the Call for Artists for the shows but we aren't involved in the application process. Diana, please go to the Call for artists section and you should see what to do.

Judy Sproat

Hi there, please add the following event to your list:

New Baltimore Art on the Bay
September 4 & 5, 2010 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Walter and Mary Burke Park on beautiful Anchor Bay - Washington and Front Street.
Call for entry: artist booths are $150 until 7/16, $175 after that date.
Contact Judy at (586)716-7620 or jsproat@cityofnewbaltimore.org for an application.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Judy, we don't post calls for artists on this site. If that is something you are interested in, please go to www.ArtFairInsiders.com and look for the info on our prices for a link and call for artists. You will see, it is well worth the money.



Playing With Yarn, located in Duluth, MN, is a yarn store featuring imported yarn, knitting patterns, knitting needles, knitting supplies, knitting classes. The store offers an exceptional variety of yarns and equipment, and provides assistance and instruction in furthering peples abilities, understanding, and enjoyment of the fiber arts.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello cj, this sounds like information for wwwSweaterbabe.com. Sweaterbabe lists shops that carry yarns and knitting supplies. You might like to take at look at that website. It is very good!

Jacki B


When is the Grand Blanc Art fair?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Kent. We only have information about the shows we have listed. You can try googling it.

Jacki B

Kyle Goodwin

Hello my name is Kyle Goodwin with Parshall Arts.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Kyle. You can advertise your products on our Art Fair Calendar. Look at the column on the left hand side of the page and click on advertise with us. An unlimited number of artists and patrons will be able to see your ads when they visit www.ArtFairCalendar.com. It is a good deal.
Jacki B

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Darren. I am sorry that I had to delete most of your comment. You posted for a Call for Artists. That is a service that we have to charge for. While most of the services we offer here are free, that is one we need to charge for. That is how we keep this great site afloat. We can help you with a Call for artists. Just go to www.callsforartists.com. You will be amazed by our website and what we can do for you.
Jacki B

Arlene Oakland

FYI, your link for the St. Clair Art Fair is incorrect. I believe it should be www.stclairart.org, with no extra 'dot' between 'st' and 'clair'.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Arlene, Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I will get that fixed right away.
Jacki B

Harrison Township

Was trying to check dates for St.Clair Shores Art Fair, held in September. Checked city website, it showed NOTHING. Found your site and there it was-I didn't miss it!


Harrison Township, Mi.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Harrison Township, glad we could be of help to you.
Jacki B

Kathryn Smith

What does the asterik (*) next to the date mean?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Kathryn. That is a great question. An asterisk* next to the date means the date has been confirmed. As we jump ahead to check on future dates we add an asterisk when we can confirm a show's date. Some shows seem to be harder to confirm dates for until the date gets nearer.
Jacki B

Pamela Schembri

How do I apply to sell as a vendor at an art fair?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Pamela you will need to contact the show that you would like to be a vendor at directly. What I would do is look up the show's website. You should see somewhere to contact the show or a place with information for people wanting to be vendors (artists or food vendor). Contact them directly. That should do it.
Jacki B

Christine Gildea

How would a beginning artist sign up to do some shows in michigan? THank you very much.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Christine, you should contact the show directly that you are interested in doing. Of course, you will need to know what all artists are expected to know, such as the info about kind of tent to have, jury photos, booth photos, lights, etc. If all of that information is very new to you, you may want to join www.artfairinsiders.com. It is a website for artists and you will find information there to help get you started in the art show business. Good luck.
Jacki B


Michigan Made Arts Crafts Jewelry Show

All items Michigan Made, Arts, Crafts, Jewelry, etc. Many items made by people with disabilities.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Michael. I am sorry that I had to delete most of your comment. We don't allow people to post Calls for Artists on here. We can hold a Call for Artists for you but that is a service that we need to charge for, although it is well worth the price. A call for artists with us will bring your show to over 9,000 artists looking for art shows to exhibit their work at. Check out our website and see how we can help you show to succeed:


Alissa Braga

I would like to have a exhibit at one of these shows but not sure which one would be relevant to what I do. I am not making the Jewelery, I am selling the Jewelery for a company. Like being a Mary Kay consultant by with Jewelery. Anyone have an idea of who I should contact for that?

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