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Jacki Bils

Hello Rachel and thank you for contacting us. The Arlington show is no longer being held in May. How we had it listed twice was a mistake. Thanks to you I have fixed it.

That show has been moved to September 20 & 21, 2014. For more information, paste the link into your browser:


Also, the little asterisk you see means the show dates have been verified. It is really only there to help me. At a glance I know which shows I still need to update.

Thanks for your help, Jacki Bils


Are there two "2nd Annual Arlington Festival of the Arts" held in May.

What does the asterisk * mean through out this page?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Vis Arts, it looks like you have a show you would like listed in the Art Fair Calendar. The way to get your show listed is to go to the link below and follow the directions:

All shows and fairs must be juried to be listed on our calendar.


Don't forget...

Visual Arts Center of Richmond’s

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Peter. If your show is a juried show and you place a link on your website to www.artfaircalendar.com we can list your show. Go to our website and click on advertise your art show with us. You will also see a link on the left side that will show you how to link back to us. Thanks for your interest, Jacki B


anyway you could post the Annapolis Irish Festival to your listings of events? It will be held on July 14, 2012 at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds in Annapolis, MD

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Al. The only shows on our website that will take you to more information are the shows with the live links. Not all Art Show directors are willing to pay for a link so that you can be taken directly to the shows for more information. If there is a live link for a show you will see it.
A better place for you to go to find shows to do is www.callsforartists.com. Every show listed on that site is looking for artists. Plus, there is a link for you to click on right there with each show. You should be able to find a show just about anywhere you want to go.
Good luck,
Jacki B

Al Howard

How do I get detail information on your listed shows. I am interested in signing up for some of them but can find no way to click and get additional information. Al Howard 919.625.5116 AJH1935@hotmail.com

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Nihal. This is a great question. Which show should you do, the Inner Harbor or the Maryland Festival of the Arts? What I think you should do is join us at www.artfairinsiders.com. At our website you can ask other artists who are familiar with these two shows what they think of them. At Art Fair Insiders you will regularly see calls for artists, lively art show related discussions, and have the chance to review your favorite art shows, plus, have a chance to write a blog. I think you need to join us at Art Fair Insiders.
Jacki B


Hello all,

I am a local artist in Bethesda MD. There are two art festival in September 17&18 in my area:

September 17 & 18* -Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor Art Festival

September 17 & 18* Silver Spring, MD

Any recommendation which one I should participate?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Robin. Yes, I can recommend to you Arts, Beats, and Eats in Royal Oak, Michigan. This is a fantastic show that is one of the best in Michigan. There are others in Chicago, and Wisconsin. But, the best thing for you to do is take a look at the shows we have listed here in the Art Fair Calendar.
Jacki B


Does anyone have recommendations for a GREAT fine crafts and art show over Labor Day Weekend - not Long's Park - but something else?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Yes, Wholesale Crafts, it is true, art and crafting are very popular hobbies and provide a great business for many.

Jacki B

Wholesale Crafts

Thanks for your informative post! Crafting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, with many people expressing their creativity through a wide range of crafts. Generally, the term 'arts & crafts' refers to handmade products that have been designed individually with the intent of creating a piece of artwork or a decoration.

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