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Jacki Bils

Hello Joanie, Thanks for letting us know that you have set your 2016 show dates. I have updated your show on our New York & New Jersey page. I wish your show the best.

Joanie Fraver - Chair, Corn Hill ARts Festival

I see the Corn Hill Arts Festival held in Rochester NY in July is listed for 2016, but still has the 2015 dates. All current information was submitted and paid for - can you update to the correct information?

Jacki Bils

Hello Cassie, Yes, I have not updated the Armonk Outdoor show yet. We have a notice on the page that states at what point the calendar has not been updated as of yet. I try to do my best and have the calendar updated at least 6 months out. Shows rarely contact us with their show dates so I have to hunt for all the dates myself. As you can see, we have a lot of shows on our calendar. I will update that show though right now with those dates. Thanks for your help.

Cassie Taggart

I noticed that Armonk Outdoor show has been written up as occurring on Sept 20 and 21, but It is actually, according to their website and application,
happening on Sept 27- 28.

Jacki Bils

Hello Soufiane. I am sorry I don't understand your question to give you an answer. Could you please submit your question again and I will try to help you.


Hello everyone I need to know what international fairs craft & gift in new york and the international fair of fashion in new york "please the trade fairs and is not tradeshows "Thank you very much.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Cheryl. To get your show listed on out calendar you will need to follow the directions at the link below.


You will need to copy and paste it into your browser. Just follow the directions you find there.

Cheryl Santos

How can I get a juried art festival listed on this site?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Good luck George. No one is able to sell your work for you at a juried art show. That isn't allowed. We also don't have anything to do with the work sold in galleries. You will have to contact the galleries to see if they will take your work. Jacki B


I have 20 framed and well presented photos, drawings, mixed media figure drawings, still lifes, landscapes, etc., in a very creative mixed exhibit of media from photos to markers watercolors, to acrylic canvasses, which are all attractive, innovative, and decoratively presented. Hence--I'm hoping I get additional leads for any exhibit, yard sale, or gallery7 exhibit that can enable me to move all these charming works at discount prices. Some of my earlier more intense pieces sold to international collectors and museums. But I'm now regrouping because I'm retiring from my boring career as a "professional" social worker. I need aggressive buyers to help me out!

Jacki Bilsborrow

Thank you, Buy Paintings. We are glad that you are using our Art Fair Calendar.
Jacki B

buy paintings

This information is indeed quite helpful. Thks for sharing.I have joined Art Fair Calendar email list inorder to recieve the future updates

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Cari, the Spring Crafts on Columbus Art Show takes place on 3 weekends. We allow shows to list one show for free on our calendar. Show Producers can list more shows for a small fee. We list the 2nd weekend here for the Spring Crafts on Columbus.

Unfortunately, art patrons like yourself may miss shows that are taking place if show producers don't utilize our services. Please let the Spring Crafts on Columbus show producers know that you would like them to list all of their shows with us and that you do rely on our Art Fair Calendar to find the best Art Shows around the country. Thanks for using our calendar, Cari.

Cari DeBlasio

You forgot to include the dates May 12th ( today) & 13th for the Spring Crafts on Columbus show. I only found out because I asked two craftswomen when they would be back in NYC.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Thank you, Catherine, for the update. We always appreciate it when people pass along helpful information.
Jacki B

Catherine Mastrangelo

Art in the Park is NOT taking place at the Montclair Art Museum this year. It is a separate event that is not connected with the Museum.

Thank you,
Catherine Mastrangelo
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Montclair Art Museum

Jacki Bilsborrow

Gina, I am so sorry that you were looking for a non existent show. We try very hard to make sure our dates are accurate. That show must have still been in the works when I was confirming dates about 4 months out. Show directors occasionally scrap a show for one reason or another and they don't tell us. I hope you are able to find another great show to attend because life without art is just plain boring.
Jacki B

gina defilippi

drove up to the tarrytown arts festival on sunday october 16, 2011 and it was no where to be found. any explanation???

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Lilolme, We have no idea what painting you are talking about. The best way to find anything out about a painting is to ask the artist who painted it. Why don't you attend one of the many great Art Fairs listed in our Calendar? Then, you will have the chance to buy an interesting painting and talk to the artist personally. Sounds like a great weekend activity to me!
Jacki B


Does anyone know anything about this oil painting?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Sandy. The Art in the Park Show was canceled last year due to a shortage of artists applying to the show. That was supposed to be for one year. I haven't heard yet if it is going to be held this year or not. You should contact Susan Ross at susanr@montclaircoop.org. Maybe she can tell you if it will be held again or not.
Jacki B

Sandy Klein

I am trying to apply to the "Art in the Park" in Montclair show but cannot find out how to apply- Any help would be appreciated!

Sandy Klein

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Lawrence. You can have your event listed with us. Your show must be a juried show and you will have to link back to www.ArtFairCalendar. Go to the left hand column on www.ArtFairCalendar.com. You will see List/Advertise. Go there and follow the instructions once you have linked back to us.

Jacki B

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Richard. I am sorry that I had to delete most of your post. It looked like you needed a call for artists. Our Call for Artists is not free. We must charge for that service. That is how we are able to keep this calendar afloat. It is well worth the money as we can reach over 5,000 artists on our website that are looking for shows to do all around the country. You might like to look into that.
Jacki B

Lawrence Rodriguez - Owner/Director-Casa Frela Gallery

As a Gallery in NYC, how do we go about having our Events listed on your site? In particular, we have an Event @ The Casa Frela Gallery in Harlem. It is our annual Holiday Art Sale.

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