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Jacki Bils

Hello Richard, If you are interested in selling your drawings at art shows you need to contact the shows you want to sell your art work at. We have nothing to do with who sells their art at the shows.
You may want to consider joining www.artfairinsiders.com. There you will find lots of help and information needed to sell at art shows. Good luck to you.

Richard E Stoner

Hi! My Name is Richard E Stoner. I have a question I just started out doing few hand drawings. The pictures take I drawed can I bring them to the art shows to sell them? This is my first time that I did this I'm new at all of this. So can you get back to me as soon as you get this email? Thanks

Sincerely yours,

Richard E Stoner

sandra jaffe

I understand there is an "unofficial" longs park that runs simultaneously with the "original" show.. ive tried to get in to longs park for years to no avail... does anyone know the name/promotor of that show ...????? ty! sande 484 201 8460

Jacki Bils

Hello PKumar, You can exhibit your artwork in Art Shows in the USA providing you follow the rules. You will need to contact the individual show that you are interested in applying to. Follow their directions to apply to get into the show. There is a fee to apply, a booth fee, and you will need your own tent to sell your artwork in. The Art Show business is not for the faint of heart. Good luck.


Hi I have my art work exhibited in NY galleries last year but I am not US citizen. Would I be able to join the fair. My art work includes, mixed media, oil/ acrylic paintings. I live in Botswana, but my works are kept in Pennsylvania with my relative. Please let me know.

Jacki Bils

Hello Lee. You have many questions. Without seeing your clocks I can't say whether they are considered art or crafts, or even if there is a market out there for them. A juried art show is one where the artist submits photos of his or her art work. The jurors look at the photos and go over the application and make a decision to either let you into the show or not.

I think you might be interested in www.artfairinsiders.com. This is a website for artists with a wealth of information to help artists in their quest to make and sell their own work. You should be able to find the answers to many of your questions there.


I make beautiful wall clocks from used wood reels. They are from 23" to 36" diameter with either numbers or roman numerals. Have made many custom clocks. Would these be considered art work. What is "juried" craftsman?

Jacki Bils

Hello Around the Table. We here at Art Fair Calendar have nothing to do with the Food Vendors a show contracts with. If you are interested in working with a show you will need to contact them. Each show has an application process of their own that you will need to fill out. Good luck - Jacki Bils

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