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Jacki Bils

Hello Amy, Thanks for alerting me to this change. I had spent time looking around for this show's show dates but could not find anything. I was planning on contacting someone to find out about the show's status before I just removed it from the calendar. I appreciate your help.


amy faust

The Contemporary Crafts Market that is listed for
March 7 and 8 is now non existent. That show was
permanently canceled several years ago. The promoter
is Roy Helms and Associates. You can get in touch through his website craftsource.org
He does have 2 shows in Pasadena now, one in June and one in November.

Jacki Bils

Hello Judy, good luck with your art event. Sounds like you have made good plans.

Judy Hu

The purposes of the Maeya art festival competitions are, first, to discover and showcase the talented worldwide artists, and second, to help develop the collection for galleries, museums, private parties and talent agencies; third, to create an elegant event with the entertainment and education for the local community; fourth , to create the multicultural exchange experience through the arts.
Come to enjoy the art from China and local, bring your kids to get the master’s instruction at the workshops; meet the artists from oversea; enjoy the beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula.

Jacki Bils

Hello Heidi, I don't know if the information you are looking for will be found here. However, what I suggest is your artist friend and his wife should see about joining www.ArtFairInsiders.com. This is a website for artists. They could ask that question to our group of over 11,000 artists and one of them may have some information to help them out.

I don't know if they are interested in Sedona, AZ or not. I have never seen such an artist community like they have there. They may want to check that out.

Jacki Bils

Thank you, Heidi, for alerting me to that error. I will get that fixed.
Jacki B

Heidi Ross

Artists & crafters, any suggestions for a small, friendly, artsy town within 90 minutes of S.F. for a fine woodcrafter (& wife) who's moving here from NY state? They love Benicia, but are interested in other areas too. Not too hot or hilly, affordable homes. Thanks!

Heidi Ross

Note: The Live Oak show in Berkeley, CA is on SHATTUCK Ave, not SHALLUCK Ave.

Jacki Bils

Muriel, I do have a suggestion. I think you should join www.Artfairinsiders.com. It is a free group for artists and others associated with art shows. There you can post your question to the 11,000 artists we have in our group. The artists help each other out and share helpful information. You can ask this very question once you become a member. Hope to see you there. Jacki

Muriel Lange

Looking for juried shows that appreciate hand crafted stringed instruments. Any suggestions?

Jacki Bils

Hello Pamela. We only list Fine Art and Craft shows that are juried. If a show wants to have their show listed here they need to contact us. If they qualify we can list their art show. If you know of a good show that you think should be listed here encourage the show to contact us.

Pamela Perkins

WOW, have been a part of this, but realized, NOTHING FROM NEVADA, why?????

Jacki Bils

Hello Curtis and thank you for the correct dates for your show. I appreciate your help. Yes, we do have 2 of your shows listed on our calendar. If you would like to have your 3rd show listed please check out our advertising information at the link below. You will have to copy and paste the address into your browser. We would love to help you.


Curtis Beck - West Coast Artists

February 18-20*
Palm Springs, CA
Desert Arts Festival
Frances Stevens Park, 538 N. Palm Canyon Drive
10 am to 4 pm
120 Exhibitors
The listing above has the wrong dates - it should be February 16-18, 2013
Also, we have two shows in March - one on the 2+3 which you have listed, and another on March 23-24, 2013 (same details as the other two)

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