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Jacki Bils

Hello Allison, your show sounds really fun. Wish I was going to be in Atlanta to catch it. However, your event does not seem to be the type we list on our Art Fair Calendar. Our calendar is for listing high end art shows. We don't typically list events that have events going on that are not art related. Here is the link with the information about listing an art show: http://www.artfaircalendar.com/art_fair/advertise-with-us.html

Allison Rose

How do I get a fair added to the site?

The Country Living Fair (run by Country Living Magazine) is October 23-25 at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tickets available online.

A fun and fabulous Fair with over 200 vendors along the wooded paths of beautiful Stone Mountain Park selling antiques, vintage, “Made in America” crafts, art, furniture, folk art, upcycled and handcrafted goods, home decor and more. Meet the editors of Country Living Magazine, attend seminars and how-tos by the editors and their guests, see artisan demonstrations, shop the Harvest & Gourmet Market, and gather ideas and inspiration.

Laura E I Simmons

You do realize that all your dates are off by 1 day, don't you?

Jacki Bils

Hello DeeAnn, If you are interested in being a vendor(food or art)you need to contact the individual show that you want to be in. The best thing to do is to check out the show's website and look for directions on how to contact them. Good luck.


How does one inquire about being a vendor at a show?

Jacki Bilsborrow

Kate, if you google WB Sign Studio you will find lots of complaints about that person. You are not alone. Make sure you register a complaint with the Art Show that he was at where you made a purchase from him. They need to know that and let them also know about all the online complaints. You might also try and contact the Police Department in the town he lives in and file a complaint. You could also take him to small claims court to try to recover your money. Good luck


I was also scammed by WB sign studio at an art show in Old Saybrook CT. BEWARE OF THIS MAN. HE IS A THIEF

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Nicolette and thank you so much for letting us know that the Artisphere link was broken. It is now working and we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about that broken link.
Jacki B

Nicolette Cromer

The Artisphere link is broken...

Their website URL is www.artisphere.us

It's a great festival! Be sure to check them out!

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Gordon, thanks for taking the time to alert us about this artist. What a shame. I googled his name and also found that he does not have a very good reputation with his customers. We are, of course, leaving your comment here for others to see. You should also contact the show director that held the show and make sure they know so that they don't let him into the show again. Also, I would contact your credit card company and dispute that charge. Tell them what happened and that you were patiently waiting for your piece of art work to arrive and it never did. Good luck and thanks for helping to alert others.
Jacki B

Gordon Eyer

I attended the Apple Butter Festival at Berkeley Springs WV in October, 2011. I ordered and paid for two signs ($300) from George Kise - W B Sign Studio of Syracuse, NY. It is now February, 2012 and I have not received any merchandise. When trying to contact him (housesignsstudio@aol.com) I got excuses and now he doesn't reply at all. Looking him up on the web he has been scamming people at shows for years. I hope you have a way of warning festivals about this guy.

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Linda, I see you have a show that you would like added to the Art Fair Calendar. The best way to do that is to go to the website www.ArtFairCalendar.com. Click on the link on the left hand side of the opening page to advertise your show. You will find several options to choose from. It looks like you are also interested in getting more artists in to your show. Our website, www.artshowreviews.com is dedicated to Calls for Artists. This is a great site because thousands of artists come to our site looking for shows all over the country. You really should check out both of those sites. Good luck, Jacki B

Linda Diamond

Would like to post our show, Sunday, November 6 from 11:00 - 5:00 p.m. Artisans@theEtz, East Cobb Marietta, Georgia. Looking for potters, fiber artisans, wood turners and mixed media. Website with details: www.artisansattheetz.com

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Mitch. I'm not sure what show you are talking about. Maybe the show you are talking about needed to be changed. We are constantly updating our calendar in an effort to be as correct as possible.
Jacki B

Mitch Fisher

Then the date must have just changed because it says here for for some time it would be May 21 & 22

Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello Brenda, I think we can help you. It sounds like you could really benefit from joining www.ArtFairInsiders.com. You will have access to fellow artists who can help you, and shows that are looking for artists. Check that out soon and hopefully you will find a few shows that you can jump into. Good luck.
Jacki B

Brenda Robertson

I need to find at least two craft shows as close to MS as I can before the middle of December, I have Crohn's {nothing anyone can catch} and I have had to miss so many craft show this year and I need to get into a few GOOD shows to get some of my money back this year.

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